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An Electoral Roll Search in the UK is something most people need at some point to find old friends they have lost touch with. When we started looking online at various services we discovered so many sites offering so many different services that for a moment it left us feeling rather overwhelmed. So we can sympathise with you, the British Public when you are trying to perform a search.
By actually speaking to you , we were better able to understand what it is that you need from a uk Electoral Roll Search service.  The key features that you require and the main concerns that you have are:

1. A Safe, Secure Transaction – Is it safe to use my card details on this site?
2. Quality Data – Is what I am paying for worth the money?
3. A UK Based Company – Can I contact the company if I need any help?
4. Value for money – What do I actually get for my money?

With these questions and crucial features in mind, we searched the internet to find the companies that would exceed your expectations.

You can see the quality services that we found below. These Electoral Roll Search companies will tell you where your missing person is, today!

FinderMonkey.co.uk – Best for the General Public

FinderMonkey’s premier UK Electoral Roll Search uses a researcher to carry out your request rather than connecting you directly to an online database. You submit the details of the person you wish to find and they carry out the search on your behalf. The search includes the current and historical electoral data and a telephone number search. Their service is provided at a cost of £4.95 for one search. This service is ideally suited to finding a particular person when you are unsure of the exact area they live in or where you think human intuition may better facilitate your Electoral Register search.

Our in-depth research has led us to concluding that these services are the two premium services for finding people anywhere in the UK. They offer the best, most comprehensive search in the UK. FinderMonkey.co.uk is our personal favourite as they clearly advertise their telephone number on their website and you can easily contact them and speak directly to a member of staff.

PeopleSearch-UK – The choice of people who want to pay with PayPal

PeopleSearch-UK provide a Electoral Roll Search that can be paid for with PayPal in the UK. You pay £4.95 and are provided with all names, addresses and telephone numbers for your search criteria. This service is ideal if you are looking for detailed information on an individual or if you need to perform more than one search. It is also good for finding lost relatives and friends.

An Electoral Roll Search is still the most effective way to find people in the UK that you have lost touch with. It is cheap too. Good luck which ever service you opt for whether it is one of our recommendations or one of your own. We hope we have helped you locate an accurate Electoral Roll Search.

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