Am I on the Electoral Roll?

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Am I On the Electoral Roll is supplemented by other useful guides, What is the Electoral Roll? and How to Search the Electoral Roll? that will help answer any other questions you might have in regard to the process in the UK. Am I on the Electoral Roll is something people often wonder, here we try and answer the question for you.

1) Have You Voted?

If you have voted in any UK Election, Local or General, then yes, you have to be on the Electoral Roll. Put simply, you cannot vote if you are not registered on the Electoral Roll.

2) Have You Filled Out a Registration Form?

Every August a form is sent out as part of the Annual Canvass to every property in the UK. The receiver then fills out the relevant details and sends it back. Therefore if you have filled out a form as part of the Annual Canvass, then yes, you will be on the Electoral Roll.

3) Have You Filled Out a Rolling Registration Form?

This is similar to the normal registration form but updates the Electoral Roll on a monthly rather than annual basis. This is used to cover people that have moved house after the 15th October so they don’t lose out on their right to vote.

Remember, just informing your local tax or benefits office does not mean that you will be on the Electoral Roll at your new address. You will need to contact your Local Council specifically on this matter.

If you have filled out the Annual Canvass or Rolling Registration forms then yes, barring on any postal mishaps, you should be on the Electoral Roll.

4) I Am Still Unsure Whether I am on the Electoral Roll

Your Local Council Electoral Registration Office should be able to check whether you are on the Electoral Roll.

If you are unable to find the right person to talk to at the Council or don’t want to speak to the Council then another way of doing this is to use an online Electoral Roll Search Service. For a small fee, these services will search the Electoral Roll on your behalf quickly and efficiently. Before using one of these services our review page should be able to help you.

5) How Do I Find Out If Someone Else is on the Electoral Roll?

If perhaps you are wanting to find old friends or you are a Landlord wishing to look at the previous address of a potential tentant, whatever the reason, you can do this for less than £5.00 through the Online Services mentioned in the previous point. You can also do this at your Local Council Office for free but it is more of a hassle as you will have to go to the Office and you will have to be supervised!

With the steps available through this guide, we hope to have answered your question, Am I on the Electoral Roll?

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