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Find People For Free

There are many ways to find people for free in the UK. This top ten guide is the ten best ways to find people for free online.  Should you wish to use this page on your own website or blog feel free to do so. This site is all about finding people for free in the UK, it offers help and free advice to help you old friends you have lost touch with. The right place to find a person.


As a free people search service Google is up there with the best. You can use Google to search for people in a very simple way. Just put quotations around the persons’ name and location and let Google do the rest.If there are any matches for the information you have put in Google will find them in less than a second. A great way to find people for free in the UK.


To find people for free using  Facebook is straight forward, you can try and search directly for them and if that doesn’t work you can search for their friends ,  its free to use and to contact people, an easy and fun way to find your friends for free and see what they are doing now. Most people on Facebook also upload their photos too so you can make sure you have the correct person. If you don’t have a Facebook account it is free to open one. Facebook has over 500 million users, this means if Facebook was a county and the Facebook users were the population Facebook would be the third biggest country in the world! Lots and lots of people you know will be on Facebook.

Friends Reunited

You should be able to find people for free in the UK on Friends reunited even though it is not as popular as it used to be, you can email them to. Even if they don’t check the site very often people should receive an email to say someone has tried to contact them so it is still in the top three ways to find people for free in the UK.


Twitter is good for finding people for free in the UK and every so often they tell you a bit about what they are doing, a great little people finder tool and very popular with just about everyone.


We’re slipping down the list a bit here as this is a good way to find people for free in the UK online but it does have some drawbacks, the primary one is although it has a US and UK option it does seem to merge the two together so you do get a lot of results that are not relevant. It does have some email addresses though so it is certainly worth using, you may just get lucky and that is a big part of finding people for free online.

The Electoral Roll

An electoral roll search is still a great way to find people but it’s just not as good as it once was. Back in 2003 the electoral roll was unedited, now it has an opt out option and people are doing so in their millions. In 2003 there were 44 million records on the Electoral Roll in 2010 this had dropped to 14 million. Along with the above options it is still a great way to locate someone and if you use the correct company you can find one that not only searches the current electoral roll but also the last available unedited version too as well as the ones in between.

Ok so generally this is used to work on the family tree stuff but you can access birth and marriage certificates through this site so if you are going down the Sherlock Holmes route of people finding and doing some serious digging then this might just be the site for you. It is rather expensive but they do have a large achieve of information and some of it could be what you need to break through your people finder case. A bit specialist? Maybe but a great people resource anyway.

A specialist tool but one that we use very often, it is easy to use and can bring up some really interesting stuff, this is more suited to finding out information relating to land and people rather than old friends and relatives but we thought we would add some more specialist people finder tools rather than the usual ones.

BT Phone book

You can search through people’s names and their location to see if it brings up their telephone number, now available on line for free, simple but effective. A great way to find people for free in the UK.

Other resources

There are plenty of resources available to help you find people for free. Just keep your eyes peeled for the best ones and if you want to add to this list feel free to do so. Some of the best advertise on this page.

Good luck with your search to find people for free. This site is all about finding people for free in the UK, it offers help and free advice to help you find the people you have lost touch with. The right place to find a person.

Find people for free

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